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Niels Holgersson
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8388 ND Oosterstreek
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All personal customer information which is stored in the Niels Holgersson database is purely for the convenience of the customer himself
is not used or distributed in any way by Niels Holgersson is managed by the customer himself can be adjusted / removed by the customer at any time
(except login name, password and e-mail address).
The customer data that is stored (if entered by the customer) is:

username / login name (required)
email address (required)
password (required)
telephone number (not required)
first name / letter + last name (only required if the address details are also entered)
street, house number, zip code, city and country (not required)
E-mail address
The / an e-mail address is the only mandatory registration part with real customer information.
This e-mail address is necessary for the processing of the order and the newsletter (if registered for the newsletter).

Delete customer account / information
The above customer information can for the most part be deleted / modified by the customer himself. If one wants to have the entire customer account deleted (including the e-mail address), the customer can request this from Niels Holgersson.
This means that any accumulated loyalty points will be lost (the savings plan is linked to customer registration).

Access to the site (and customer data) of Niels Holgersson is via SSL certificate security.